Hula Hoop Costume Ideas for Halloween (Or...whenever you feel like it!)

hoopnotica-halloween-main BEWARE: Hoopnotica will be having a Hoopy Halloween Costume Contest for all of you die-hards who just HAVE to include your hoop in your Halloween costume this year! TRICK OR TREAT? Read More for Hoop Costume Ideas, A Ghostly Hoop, and....some secret savings...   Introducing The Casper Hoop: An all white gaffer hoop, perfect for ghoulish hoopers of all skill levels, ghosts, and mummies! You can also decorate this hoop with sharpie markers, glitter, rhinestones, paint or fabric to customize it to match your Halloween costume....this hoop is literally a blank canvas! You may also want to check out some of our Patterned Hoops like The Daisy Duke or the Halloween Section in our shop for great ideas! hoopnotica_halloween_ad*code valid through 10/8/13 For some more inspiration, here are some Halloween Hooping Costume Ideas from last year's winning hoopers!   Robin Hoop, By Ellen Phillips @californiahoopgirl Robin Hoop Hooping Costume Ideas  The King (of Hoops!), by Hula Boy Craig hula boy craig elvis hula hooping  

The MockingJay Pin from Hunger Games @missmojangles

Pin from Hunger Games Hooping Costume Idea

Circus Performer (Dead or Undead...your choice!), by Amy Zombie Circus Performer Hooping Costume Hoopnotica   Check back on our Facebook for more information on how to submit your extraordinarily scary, cute, and/or original Hooping Costume pics!  Dare to share! Anyone want to be kind and share some great Hoop Costume ideas? Start a conversation below....

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