One More Reason to Get Hoopnotica Certified...HCIs Have More Fun!

HoopnoticaFiT San Francisco Hoopnotica Jacqui BeckerAn HCI is a Hoopnotica Certified Instructor. The HoopnoticaFiT San Fransisco Training was filled with some fun-loving hoopers getting certified to teach what they love: hooping! Check out this adorable clip of a new partner hoop move they came up with...     The training was lead by the inspirational Jacqui Becker (whose contagious laughter you can hear in the video above)! Thanks to everyone for bringing so much good energy to class and congratulations to San Francisco's newest group of amazing HCIs!

Why Become a Hoopnotica Instructor? Find out here.

Hoopnotica Certified Instructor, Certified Awesome!

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