Emazing Lights: Creating Fun in Business with Gloving

gloving lizzie photogrpahy

Gloving, by Lizzie Photographie

I remember a time not too many years ago when I used to used to tell people we had a hula hooping company and people would laugh.That or I would get comment's like "oh that's cute". Many were skeptical were in fact a real business... As our company has grown not only have we had the business of growing our business but we have have had the added challenge of showing people that Hooping is more than just a "fitness trend": it is a true practice and a lifestyle. This lifestyle has in  improved countless people's state of mind and overall health, has given them a sense of purpose, new friends, new-found confidence, and for many even, the career of their dreams. Once they realized that this wasn't a joke, they looked very concerned and asked how that worked. Now a days, nine times out of ten when people hear what we do at Hoopnotica their response is, Oh, I keep hearing about that....I've been meaning to pick up a hoop..
As we've grown as a company, it's exciting to see other new practices and companies develop out of their love of what they do and their desire to share it with others. One thing that we found that fascinated us is Gloving, a relatively new art form that, like hooping, requires skill, coordination, rhythm but is all too often dismissed as child's play or even just something stoners or druggies do (we used to get that about hooping too) but gloving like hooping is indeed an artform.
We were fortunate enough to meet the top in the gloving game, the awesome creative team at Emazing Lights and hear from them what exactly Gloving means to their global community.
Emazing Lights created the video below to give people a sense of what gloving is and what it means to it's practitioners, known as Glovers.
(Listen for how much what they say sounds like us hoopers talking about hooping as a practice, a form of expression, and a wonderful escape!)
We personally can't wait to see what the Emazing Lights team will be doing in five years! Gloving is a practice that will continue to evolve and become more and more widespread as people (like you!) discover it for themselves. You can read more about what Emazing Lights does, learn more about Gloving and watch tutorials here.
We give Emazing Lights two flashing gloved thumbs up!

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