Tiana Zoumer Hooping Wisdom: Make the Most of the Small Movements

Alexander Sasha Nitze Tiana Zoumer

Photo: Tiana Zoumer, Captured by Alexander Sasha Nitze, Cinemaui Studio

Tiana Zoumer is a powerhouse of a hooper. She has an undeniable style that is all her own and a flow that is difficult to describe without showing you one of her videos...    

That is why, when we heard this piece of wisdom from her we couldn't help but share it:

"There are no small movements, only small perspectives." --Tiana Zoumer

  We cannot help but feel that these words help to explain what makes Tiana's own hooping so very special. You see her doing jaw-dropping moves that, in actuality are small movements...that she has magnified through her hoop practice! So remember this one little line hoopers. Even if you are just beginning no movement or variation is too small to do. It is the little things we do in the hoop that define and differentiate us as hoopers!   costa-rica-coupon

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