Michelle Jenneke Hula Hooping for Fitness with Hoopnotica

Michelle Jenneke Hula Hooping Travelhoop Hoopnotica2 Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke loves hula hooping! She shared this image with us on Facebook not too long ago, thanking Hoopnotica for introducing her to this awesome workout! Janneke's pre-race warm up dance went viral last year... and we love the fact that she brought her personal style and incredible energy to the race (that she went on to win!). We hope she brings her hoop to the 2016 Olympics! Michelle Jenneke Hula Hooping Travelhoop Hoopnotica   Going strong...take a hint from Michelle, and try keeping your arms raised out to the side or up above your head next time you waist hoop to engage your arm muscles! Build Your Best Self Before 2014  

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