CHASE-ing Our Dreams! Sharing Hooping with Our New Friends at Chase Bank!

Chase Hoopnotica Hula Hooping Main Street CHasing Our Dreams Mission Main Street Grants   Recently,Chase Branch Manager and Vice President Frank Corso and a colleague,  who heard about the joy of hooping from Hoopnotica Accountant David Huntsman, decided to drop by the Hoopnotica Studio on their lunch break to buy their hoops! They were hooked!   Last week our friends from Chase were back to help colleague Christina Illescas pick out her first hoop and DVD kit and surprise us with breakfast! They also came to invite us to apply for a Mission Main Street Grant, a Chase Bank initiative designed to help small business like ours continue to grow! It is hard for us to express what winning a grant like this would mean to our business but with these expanded resources we know that we could achieve some of our biggest hooping dreams. Please take a moment to vote for us and share our Mission Main Street profile with your friends, followers, besties, sisters, husbands and, of course, your fellow hoopers! Anyone with a Facebook Account can vote! Let's spread the joy of hooping EVERYWHERE!l

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