Empowerment Through Movement with Hoopnotica & I AM THAT GIRL

IATG-join-mailer_hoopnotica Are you THAT GIRL? Women and girls everywhere are choosing to be their best selves...and to offer other girls support along the way! A few years ago Alexis Jones and Emily Greener, two best friends in their mid-twenties, were up late one night discussing what it meant to be a modern day girl, sharing stories and talking about what it would be like to have more of a community with women where they shared and didn't compete. They quickly  wrote something up and decided to put this "manifesto" up on Craigslist. They posted the it late in the evening. When they woke up they had hundreds of response. They realized that women and girls everywhere were desperate to connect and this was the beginning of I AM THAT GIRL. Today I AM THAT GIRL is a nationwide-presence with chapters in every state. They are the source of positive interactions between girls and women everywhere including Sofia Bush, Kristen Bell, and Maggie Grace. Hoopnotica is proud to support I AM THAT GIRL, an incredible movement that is reaching girls and women everywhere, encouraging them to be their best selves (and giving them important tools to achieve that goal!) I've had the privilege to know both Emily and Alexis for years and these women continue to inspire me to no end. Happy Hooping, Melissa Palmer Hoopnotica CEO READ MORE to learn how you can get involved in I AM THAT GIRL and to see what happened when the I AM THAT GIRL Team had a hooping lesson with Pamela Crawford! IATG-empowerment2_hoopnotica1

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