Good Things Come to Those Who Teach Hoopnotica!

Our Certified Hoopnotica Instructors are some of our biggest fans! Teach Hoopnotica continues to grow every year due, largely, to the amazing referrals we receive from the instructors we certify who love teaching Hoopnotica! Cousins, sisters, and mothers and daughters have introduced each other to the Hoopnotica family and we even have a husband and wife Master Trainer team! Here is what some of our certified instructors have to say about our curriculum:   An incredible foundation...   “I love the clear method that Hoopnotica has for explaining and demonstrating moves to students. They cover all different learning types, so you're prepared to troubleshoot and work with your students in whatever way works best for them.” - Amanda Heath Walden “With the foundation I gained from the Hoopnotica teacher training program I was able to build a strong consistent hoop education outlet in my city. Movement changes lives.” - Michelle Schaeffer   ...For a satisfying, joyful career...   “Hooping has brought an amazing amount of joy to my life and facilitated so much healing, that I just had to be able to bring that happiness and love to others.” - Stephanie Walsh “Hooping has given me outrageous confidence and the ability to love myself. Teaching others how to hoop has given me the oppurtunity to share what I've learned. I can't ask for a better career. I ♥ Hoopnotica!” - Molly Margaret “When you are trying to balance life (a career, a family, a household etc) & things get crazy you can always count on your hoop to find yourself again. It centers me & I am ready to face the world again. Even better, you can share it with others as well as enjoy your own personal practice.” - Lisa Giordano Wenturine “I do what I love and love what I do. Watching people spinning and laughing makes me realize that what I am doing can change someone not only on the outside but on the inside as well.” - Cristina Garcia   And a Continuing Education!   Our certified instructors love teaching Hoopnotica so much that they often opt to continue their Hoopnotica education with supplemental trainings and additional certifications: “I just wanted to send a quick message letting y'all know how much I enjoyed the Hoopnotica training in Houston this weekend. It was fantastic and incredibly educational. You know, after teaching for a couple of years now, I thought there wasn't really much else I could learn about teaching basic moves, but Pamela totally went above and beyond. I had no idea there was so much versatility in teaching...HoopnoticaMethod 1 is a total win. I can't wait to start implementing what I’ve learned in my classes. Thanks Hoopnotica!”


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Hoopnotica Certified Instructor, Certified Awesome!  

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