8-Year-Old Mairi Moore: Things I've Learned Because My Mom Is a Hooper

Mairi Moore Hula Hooping Lessons from mom hoopnotica1 When Hoopnotica Master Trainer Jen Moore was planning a blog about hooping as a mom, she talked about it at home to husband (and Hoopnotica Master Trainer) Keith Moore. Their conversation inspired their oldest daughter Mairi to come up with a blog of her own...."Things I've Learned Because My Mom is a Hooper." Here is what Mairi had to say...   Things I've Learned Because My Mom is a Hooper by Mairi Moore age 8 3/4   My mom discovered that she didn't have to be unhealthy and overweight anymore when I was four. She tried her whole life to become healthy, and never knew how. My mom bought Hoopnotica dvds and hoops. Then she started going to the Y and hooping. She started getting healthy and helped my dad get healthy too. She lost a lot of weight...about three of me!   My mom has been hooping for a long time now, 4 years. Here are some things I've learned:   1) I've learned that hooping is a fun activity that everyone can do. I have seen old people, and young people, boys and girls, and every kind of people, they all can hoop.   2) People might think they can't do something (like hoop), but they just have to believe in themselves. And practice a lot, just like my mommy did.   3) I've learned that being healthy can be fun, and not boring.   4) I've learned that you can always make a change in your life.   We feel so grateful that Mairi felt inspired to share her story with us and we hope this won't be the only blog post she writes for Hoopnotica! What has hooping taught you and the ones around you?  

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