Featured Hooper LuLu Lam: "Before Hooping, Freedom of Movement Seemed Impossible"

“It takes a tremendous amount of courage to love and accept yourself exactly where you are!” Well said, LuLu! It's this amazing, courageous, beautiful spirit that makes LuLu an inspiration to everyone she meets and our newest Featured Hooper! Watch her video here!   Name: LuLu Lam Hooping Hometown: Los Angeles, CA How long have you been hooping? A year and a half Favorite Hoop: The Skyfall Skinny Mini   Who Introduced you to hooping? This Hoop Goddess that I met in Orange County: Ashley Pintek.   What was the biggest challenge for you? Being able to incorporate all of the moves that I learned into a dance meant learning that I needed to let go of control in order to find my flow.   What are the qualities that you think make a good hooper? Passion, spontaneity and drive!   Where is your favorite place to hoop? Oh man, anywhere in nature!   What has been, in your opinion, your biggest achievement as a hooper? There's two. The first one would definitely have to be hooping on the Mindy Project with the Hooptown Hotties and sharing what we love and our culture with everyone who isn't aware that HoopDance exists! It was a full circle moment for me, because I performed in Matt and Ben, and played the character Mindy played. Fast-forward six years, I got to meet her and share my love of HoopDance with her. The second one would have to be when I worked with the Hooptown Hotties on our Purity Ring "Obedear" video. We just came together with a dream and put action into it to make it come true. I heard "Obedear" for the first time when I had just started hooping and hoped that one day I would be good enough to flow to it and then to actually be in a music video that we co-created a year later was another full circle moment!   What do you consider to be your signature move? My signature move is the "LuLu-stance" where I stand with my hoop over my head. I stand like that to honor the hoop.   What is your hooping dream? To be able to travel and perform on stage, one film, and one TV to be able to share this dance and inspire other women to pick up the hoop and MOVE!   What is your hooping confession? I love hooping naked!   Quotable LuLu! "Hooping is the divine manifestation of my creativity." "Because of Hooping, I can be most authentic self."  

MORE: Learn more about LuLu and follow her here. 

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