You Asked: How To Choose the Right Hula Hoop?


Choosing the perfect hula hoop is not always straightforward for beginners, so we're sharing our answers to your most frequently asked questions!

One of the first questions that new hoopers often ask is: What is the best starter hoop for me? We believe that a 40-44” diameter hoop weighing about 1½ - 2 lbs is the perfect hoop to begin with, whether you are hooping for fitness, flow, or fun! Just add on one of our acclaimed instructional DVDs and you are on your way to learning the basics!

Check out these hoops that are perfect for beginners: The FortiesThe TravelHoop  

Question number two: I read somewhere that I should have a hoop that goes up to my belly button. Is this true? While this has been a standard way of measuring a hoop for many years, we don’t necessarily follow this method exclusively. We believe that your level of learning as a hooper is the more accurate way of determining the size of the hoop you need. If you are a beginning hooper, and are at least 4’11” you will be fine to start with a hoop that is at least 40” in diameter. If you are under 4’11”, you still may be able to use a 40” hoop, but you may also enjoy a hoop that is about 38” in diameter. If you need a smaller hoop, Hoopnotica can customize one for you! Check out the chart below to see what type of hoop is perfect for you:


Another question we often get is: Is there really a difference between a kids’ toy hula hoop and an adult fitness hoop except the price tag? Yes! The adult fitness hoops that Hoopnotica sells are larger in diameter and heavier than toy hoops because they are built with adult hoopers in mind. They are also made of more durable materials than the toy hoops you can pick up at the Dollar Store to ensure that you won’t break your hoop if you drop it or step on it! Have you ever, as an adult, seen a child's toy hoop on the ground and picked it up, thinking, "I used to be able to do this" or “I wonder if I’ve still got it”? If you decided to give it a whirl, chances are the hoop fell down almost instantaneously. It’s not you, it’s your hoop! Everybody can hula hoop, at virtually any age, size, and fitness level. Unfortunately, a lot of people think they can’t hoop the way they once did as kids simply because they are using the wrong hoop!

Most toy hula hoops only weigh 1.5-2 oz. which is far too light for adult use!

Note on Weight: Is a heavier hoop better for weight loss? As with most things, moderation is key when it comes to the weight of your hula hoop when starting out. While a heavy hoop can increase muscle tone and does have fat-blasting benefits, as a beginning hooper you will want to keep your hoop at around 1½ lbs, and, ideally, no more than 2lbs. A 1½-2lb hoop will allow your body time to build up muscle memory and endurance so that you have a much lower chance of bruising and soreness.

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