Gabrielle Bernstein's "Miracles Now" Helps Us to Hoop with Intention


We have always known that Hooping and Miracles go together...Now, Hoopnotica CEO and Founder Gabbi Rose talks Hooping with intention and inspiration from Gabrielle Bernstein's new release Miracles Now. Bring on #GabbynGabbi Hoopy Hour!



Do you sometimes find yourself looking for a little direction to shape your day? I know I do. I am always on the lookout for new ways to weave a little positivity into my life, especially ones that don't require a big commitment because lord knows that, as a single working mom, I don't get a whole lot of time to focus on me.

I was especially psyched when Gabby Bernstein sent an advance copy of her new book, Miracles Now, to the Hoopnotica office. Gabby is a longtime friend of Hoopnotica, and we love what she preaches. Miracles Now is a collection of very short everyday practices that heavily impact the quality of our lives. These 108 small miracles are easy to implement, and are outlines in one or two pages, with a mantra-like excerpt to keep in mind during the day. I like to start my day hooping, and so I flip to the miracle I land on, give it a quick read; and then allow it to shape my daily Hoopnotica practice.

I teach Hoopnotica a few days a week in my backyard, and the girls who come love the combination of Gabby and Gabbi (Bernstein and Rose!). It’s like the Gabby n Gabbi hour of positive light and Hoops! If you want a little taste of the kind of simple ideas Gabby writes about, take a look at these fun snaps from my class.

And if you're interested in joining me on my ever-lasting quest for the happiest life possible, buy her book on Amazon here! Then you can enjoy a your own “Gabby n’ Gabbi Happy Hour”- don't forget to share by hash tagging #GabbynGabbi and #miraclesnow and @hoopnotica!




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