What's the deal with Polypro Hoops & What Can They Add to Your Practice?

What's the "big deal" about the Polypro? Could your hooping practice benefit from using this type of hoop?



Hoopnotica recently introduced a smattering of jewel-toned, "naked" new hoops: the Polypro collection. Besides catching the light in that magical way that only Polypros seem to do, and other than wing delightfully thin… why does this product appeal to experienced hoopers? Polypro tubing is the nickname we have given to the hoops we make out of Polypropylene Plastic (or "Polypro" for short.) Polypro hoops are rigid; they don't warp when you use them, and so experienced hoopers will love how fast and responsive they are! Plus they are ultra light-weight so your muscles work less to keep the hoop up. You do however need to hoop faster, or really cleanly, so its a great hoop for mastering moves while getting a terrific cardio workout.

Introduce a Polypro into your practice when you are ready to deepen your connection to the hoop; it will challenge your skills when you're ready. For advanced Hoopers,  your breaks, reversals, and other off body work will gain a new level of excitement and speed. Now the Polypro is available in a fully collapsable Travel version that disassembles into five segments. The Travel Polypro Hoop's patented, buttonless connectors are a variation of our traditional Breakaway™ technology; are easy to snap open, but don't fly apart as you are hooping your heart out- even on the knees! : ) We love all the color options, and hope that you will, too!

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