The Family That Hoops Together, Stays Together

The time that I spend with my kids is precious; and thinking about "what we are going to do together" is sometimes a challenge. Between homework; appointments; play dates; and school, its hard to find fun things to do together on the fly. As a mother of two grade school students, I seek to embody the kind of lifestyle that I can share interesting activities with my kids…ones that are engaging for ALL of us.

Hoopnotica has been a part of our lives for so long; since they were born, really. Sometimes I forget that they aspire to do what I do; and HOOPING IS WHAT I DO. Check out this video in it's full length: we shot it one afternoon while walking our neighborhood. Simple: its just us on a walk with our hoops. Pay attention to the subtle ways both of my children mimic my movements, as an illustration of the influence we have from Mother to Child. Outside of being a Mother, Hoopnotica is part of my identity.

If this rings true for you too, why not schedule some hoop time into your Mother's Day activities? Your Mom will love it, and so will your kids (if you got 'em)!

- Gabbi

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