Meet Emily!


Hello future friends! My name is Emily. I like to think of myself as an enthusiastic optimist who looks for the light in any and every situation. I am a surfer, yogi, hoop dancer, skater, snowboarder, musician, artist, fitness enthusiast, mermaid (yup you read that correctly) and most importantly a Wandernaut ready to explore the world.

This July 4th, with a bicycle packed and a travel hoop strapped to my back, I jumped on a one-way flight to London. The plan, as it stands, is to cycle all over the world for the next 400 days.


Why I decided to quit my job and travel around the world for a year:

I have a personal life mission to live a life full of stories that my (future) kids and grandkids won’t believe. This is inspired by my parents’ incredible stories of adventure… building handmade canoes to sail down Uruguayan rivers or selling their parents car to backpack around the world surfing. Using my emotions as my compass, I venture in the direction of happiness, out into the unknown to continuously write the next unbelievable chapter.


Why I wanted to bring a hoop along:

Because its fun. I’ve only been hooping for a couple of years now, but every time I pull out my hoop I am filled with an immediate joy. The joy that you felt when you first picked up a hula hoop in elementary school and had competitions with your friends to see who could keep the hoop up for the longest time. At age 25, reconnecting with this pure joy is still very important to me. I also find that hoops help me to meet new people. While at a music festival last year, numerous people would come up to me wanting to play or learn something new. I am excited to see what doors will open, just because I decided to hoop around the world.

Time to #wanderoff!!

Check out more of our adventures and TONS of pictures at our blog!

- Emily

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