Where to Find Exercise Hula Hoops for Sale Online: A Buying Guide

exercise hula hoops for sale

In general hula loops have been stigmatized and primarily utilized as a fun toy for the youngsters. More adults are beginning to understand that hula hoops are an amazing tool for physical wellness.

Exercise hula hoops come in many sizes, color hues, weights and portable options. Recognizing what you need from your hula hoop will help you to pick the best one for your personal circumstances.

Tips Before Purchasing an Exercise Hula Hoop

In order to locate the correct hula hoop to suit your particular needs, there are a few things that you will need to take into account:

  • Budget (hula hoops typically cost $15 to over $50 depending on its features)
  • Location (e.g., hula hooping requires a spacious location)
  • Physical limitations or restrictions
  • Skill level (beginner, intermediate or advanced)
  • Travel (collapsible are available for airplane, car other travel)

  • Types of Exercise Hula Hoops

    exercise hula hoops for sale

    Once you have narrowed down your personal needs it's time to go shopping for exercise hula hoops that will be the most compatible with you and your exercise style.

  • Adult size hula hoops:
  • They are larger and heavier than hoops for children. They range in thickness of tubing and diameter.  Adult sized hula hoops range in size from 36 to over 43 inches in diameter. They recommended for taller sized youth or advanced adult hula hoopers. Adult hoops usually weigh 1.5 to 2 pounds. These hula hoops can be inconvenient or even impossible to travel with.

  • Collapsible hula hoops:
  • Collapsible hula hoops, also known as travel hoops, commonly bend or fold into smaller pieces or break apart into segments for easy storage and travel convenience. With a well designed collapsible hoop you can take your workout with you anywhere.

  • Massage hula hoops:
  • There are  massage hula hoops with grooves on it specifically designed to massage pressure points on the back and abdomen while working out. Many users of these hula hoops complain that they are painful, uncomfortable and hard to assemble.

  • Professional dance hula hoops:
    These hoops for the most part are smaller in diameter than the average adult hoop and weighs around 1 pound. As its name suggests, the professional hula hoop requires more expertise in order to keep the hoop up and constantly turning around your midsection.
  • Weighted hula hoops:
  • Weighted exercise hula hoops are typically 3 to 5 pounds in weight. Some have a feature to fill the hoop with water or sand for additional weight. Weighted hula hoops certainly add more thoroughness to one's workout. But it should also be noted that using weight hula hoops can lead to bruising and stress on the body (especially if weight hoop is used improperly). 

    The Best Place to Purchase Exercise Hula Hoops for Sale

    Now that you are well versed on the types of exercise hula hoops available where in the world do you buy exercise hula hoops for sale? Great question! Let's take a look at some options to consider: 

    Local Sporting Goods Store

    A sporting goods store could be a good place to start. They may have a variety to choose from including collapsible hula hoops or even professional hoops. You can also touch the hoop and ‘try it out’. The downside to shopping at a sporting goods store is that they might have a limited selection (e.g., style, size, color, etc.), staff might be less knowledgeable about hula hoop products or may come with a hefty marked up retail price tag.

    exercise hula hoops for sale

    Estate or Garage Sales

    Another place that you might be able to snag some exercise hula hoops for sale is an estate or garage sale. Often times they will have never been used or perhaps very gently handled with care. They are also sold for a very reasonable fee.

    The problem with shopping for hula hoops this way is that you have to cross your fingers and hope that you land at a house that actually has one for sale (the same theory would be true for thrift stores as well). Also the hoop has been used already, therefore, it may not give you the maximum effect or value.

    Family Member, Friend or Coworker

    Perhaps you have a family member, friend or even a coworker that has one collecting dust in their home and would love to get rid of it. Ask around you might be able get an exercise hoop for a very small fee or even free! Bare in mind although if you find a seller (or giver) they may not have the hoop that is best suited for you. The quality of the hoop may not be desirable if the hoop has been used a lot.

    Online Retailer / eCommerce

    If you prefer shopping in a relaxed convenient, environment best option for finding exercise hula hoops for sale is on your desktop, laptop or mobile device via an online retailer.

    A niche exercise hula hoop online retailer, like Hoopnotica has the product knowledge and expertise to guide you through the buying process. They have a six segment travel hoop, designed for any exercise level. Enjoy yourself while; burning 400-600 calories an hour with your travel hoop, several colors to choose from, a stylish ‘hood strap’ for easy carrying or storage, and one-of-a-kind gaffers tape for success at any level. In the unfortunate event that your hoop snaps or break, there are segment replacements to keep your hoop up and running. Even better their blog is also an excellent resource too complete with exercise hula facts, history, tips, workout routines and more!

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