Hoopnotica Dance DVD 4

This DVD is an inspirational tool for Hoopers who are practicing at an intermediate level, and are looking for new and challenging moves to add to their repertoire. Using these new skills, you will find yourself burning upwards of 600 calories an hour, without feeling like you're ""working out"". Sound like fun? It IS. Each move is broken down into step by step instructions, with slow motion sequences that ensure crystal clear comprehension. And because everyone learns a little differently, we back up each chapter with our award-winning video troubleshooting. Even if you have never enjoyed our professional instruction before, you will have no problem understanding the simple terminology we use. The only pre-requisite is a passion for learning new skills in your hoop, and a fundamental understanding of HoopDance.

This new energy will challenge your body, and also your mind! There is no greater joy than experiencing Hoopnotica: the ability to lose track of time and consciousness as you spin the hoop in an effortless spiral around your body. It is only through practice that Hoopnotica can be achieved, and this DVD will support you in building the skills necessary to lose yourself in the Hoop! In order to derive maximum benefit from this DVD, you must have mastery of upper body hooping- both chest and shoulders! For review of these skills, consult your Intermediate Hoopnotica DVD, Level 3!

Run Time: Approx 1 hour

Region Code: All Regions

Language: English & French

Perfect For: Intermediate & Advanced Hoopers


  • Horizontal Step In & Out
  • Horizontal Jump Through
  • The Drop Out
  • Angled Arm Weaveing
  • Angled Corkscrews
  • The Vortex
  • Angled Waist & Shoulder Spins
  • The Barrel Roll
  • Vertical to Horizontal Halo
  • Vertical Halo to Shoulder Hooping
  • Vertical Weave to Corckscrew
  • Reversing while Passing
  • Catching on the Waist
  • Flow

Bonus Features:

  • Hoopin' Bloopers

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