Hoopnotica Dance DVD 2

When was the last time you laughed on a treadmill? Turn up the fun on your workout with one of the hottest new ways to burn fat, build muscle, and improve balance and coordination.

HoopnoticaDance provides a low-impact, fat-blasting cardio experience that will leave you feeling strong, inspired, and incredibly sexy. Build your best body and enagage your mind with HoopnoticaDance which pairs elements of belly dance, hip hop, and rhythmic movement with the resistance training only a hula hoop can provide!

Ready to step up the difficulty of your hooping moves? Take your HoopnoticaDance skills to a whole new level with DVD 2! In DVD 2, you'll learn exciting new moves like chest hooping, thigh hooping and angles all while burning 450-600 calories an hour!

Come out to play!

Run Time: Approx. 1 hour

Region Code: All Regions

Language: English & French

Perfect For: Beginning & Intermediate Hoopers

DVD 2 includes breakdowns of the following moves:

  • Swoop
  • Hand Off
  • Hand off Corkscrew
  • Chest Hooping
  • Neck Hooping
  • Shoulder Hooping
  • Review All Moves in a Circle
  • Waist to Shoulder Transition
  • Forward & Backward Angled Hooping
  • 180 Angled Turn
  • Thigh Hooping

Bonus Features:

  • The Dance in Hoopdance

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