Malibu Polypro Dance Hoop

Hoop Size
Tubing Diameter
Grip Tape

Polypro is a favorite of many hoopers for tech, juggling, dance, tricks, on-body and off-body hooping. Polypro is great for thinner/lighter beginner hoops and more advanced hoops alike.

  • Similar in weight to HDPE, but it is bouncier in motion and stiffer to the touch
  • It is more translucent and has a semi-shiny finish
  • Ideal for adults and kids hoops

What size hoop should I get?

25” OD – 29” OD = better for OFF-body hooping and a faster flow

30” OD – 33” OD = great ‘first hoop’ choice: versatility with OFF- and ON-body hoop flow

34” OD – 42” OD = better for ON-body hooping and a slower flow

When selecting a hoop size, it is important to consider:

  • Your height
  • Your experience with hooping
  • What type of hooping you want to practice


** For SECTIONALS, please visit the sectional polypro dance hoop listing.

** For CIRCUS SETS (5 or more hoops), please visit


Still have questions?

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