Metallic Teal Polypro Tubing


Hoopologie/Hoopnotica has the largest selection of polypro colors and sizes in the world. 

This DIY coil of polypro tubing is:

  • LARGE coil polypro tubing, keeping waste to a minimum
  • 100 feet (makes approximately 10 hoops)
  • Choose from 5/8", 3/4" and 11/16" (limited color offering for 11/16")
  • 4-inches of insert material is included per 10 feet of tubing 
  • Supply orders ship within 24-48 hours

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(3/8" insert fits 1/2" tubing, 1/2" insert fits 5/8" tubing, 1/2" insert fits 11/16" tubing, 5/8" insert fits 3/4" tubing, 3/4" insert fits 7/8" tubing.)

**Colors may vary due to screen settings & tubing colors are exclusive to Hoopologie/Hoopnotica.

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