"Hooping is My Release": Meet Master Trainer Pamela Crawford

Pamela Crawford Hoopnotica Master Trainer Profile

Name: Pamela Crawford

Hooping Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Years Hooping: 6 years

Hooping Confession:

"Because of Hooping I have completed one third of my bucket list!"

Find out how much teaching Hoopnotica means to Pamela in her video!

Our Exclusive Q&A:

Who introduced you to hooping?

Hoopnotica did, actually!

What was your biggest challenge?

To be patient with myself when attempting new moves.

What made you decide to become a Hoopnotica Certified Instructor?

When I realized I had more excitement from teaching a move that I had just mastered myself.

What was your experience at your teacher training?

I was fortunate enough to be in the very first Teacher Training.  Having the opportunity to learn as well as help create the foundation is something I am very proud of.

What is your favorite thing about being an instructor?

The hoop always creates a beautiful common ground for people who may have never met each other, friends and society. Its always great to watch and I feel instructors get to experience that the most.

What’s the one thing you would tell someone who’s considering getting certified?

What's not fun about bringing joy and inspiration to others? Just do it!

What do you consider to be your signature move?

I love floats and stalls. (click for a quick video tutorial!)

Pamela Crawford is one of Hoopnotica’s original Master Trainers and a celebrity in her own right within the international hooping community. Pamela regularly appears in the media and has students that include Perez Hilton, Maya Rudolph and Melissa Rivers. One of our most active Master Trainers, she travels extensively Certifying new Hoopnotica Instructors throughout the US. An incredible instructor known for her effortless dance flow, choreography, her booty kicking HoopnoticaFiT classes, and her unforgettable smile. Pamela lives in Los Angeles, CA.


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Lily Gill
Lily Gill

January 16, 2023

Loved that you taught me to hoop. Are you teaching any classes?

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