Ask A Hooper: How Has Hula Hooping Changed Your Life?

How Has Hula Hooping Changed Your Life

We asked our Facebook Followers one simple question: How has hula hooping changed you/your life? The answers we received were astonishing.


"I found a whole new group of great friends - my new hoop family!" -Char B.


"Embraced my authentic self and actually love how I look!" - Hallie B.


"Tighter abs, lighter spirit.  I also spend more quality time hooping with my nine year old. We chat and listen to each other while working on our moves. Definitely brought play back into the forefront of my life." -Pamela H.


"My mind is healthier because hooping is like meditation. Quiet flow time for your mind. My body is healthier because of the physical exercise." -Lindsay W.


"Hooping made Houston home for me. Becoming a Hoopnotica instructor, being able to teach hoopdance, helped me realize and fulfill a long given-up dream!" -Heather Mia S.


"In almost every way imaginable! Happier, healthier, stronger (mentally, emotionally and physically) and I am now a much more confident person!" -Samantha M.


"I've begun to look for the fun in each day and often find it involves both movement and creativity that I missed since childhood." -Teresa Hardin S.


"I'm much braver about making mistakes. I'm better at both laughing and persisting. I no longer assume 'I just can't do that.' Now I'll try something six different ways until I figure it out. I'm better at playing, too. I've also overcome social anxiety in order to take hoop workshops and made some great friends...some of whom are also introverts." -Angie B.


"Stronger core, body, mind, and soul! It has given me an outlet for meditation. It has also taught me to play like a child again as an adult!" -Micha W.


"Hooping has not only lead me to some of my best friends, it has completely changed my career path. I am now full time hooping! After many years of being afraid to jump in with both feet, I quit my "day" job yesterday and am launching my website in a matter of days. Thank you hoops for making my life and work so happy!" -Suzanne R.


"Hooping has given me the freedom to have the fun I didn't know as a young girl. I get lost in a happy place. I missed so much living a life in Anorexia and the fear of failure that it brings. I'm learning for the first time what fun is and letting go, and realizing that beauty comes from imperfections." -Janette G.


"Hooping is so easy to do because it is such an readily available option to get moving, just pick up the hoop and get inside! I do it often in the middle of the living room and I feel enormous core strength from it which translates into more energy all around." -Monique S.


"More passion for life and dance. Finally a fun way to exercise!" -F.D.


"Hooping has been good for my self esteem and my body its changed my whole outlook on life!" -Allison F.


"I beat cancer and began to follow my dreams  Thanks Hoopnotica!" -Sarah R.


"I lost 40 lbs and some bad relationships. I gained a new career, new friends and a new home in a new part of the country." -Katie Pinto L.


"I lost weight but more important I gained confidence." -Lily O.


"I'm moving more, I'm teaching, I've found more balance in my life, met some awesome new people, and it made it very easy to keep my New Year's resolution to get rid of things/people that don't make me happy!" -Rachel N.J.


"I feel sexy, beautiful and free when in flow with my hoop. I can't wait to practice everyday!" - Mary T.


"I'm a pro dancer, started hooping in 2003, and many people say that I have stopped the aging process. Now, at 62, I am in better shape than ever!" -Y. T.


"I'm more active and have fewer back issues." -Joanna C.


"I have more reasons to dance now!  Its so fun and empowering as a woman to have something that is my own thing and it's healthy!  Been hooping for almost 3 years and love every time I’m in my hoop!" -Jaymi P.


"Since I started hooping about 6 weeks ago, I've had much less joint pain! I can feel my body getting stronger after not working out for 2 years or so. It's also making early menopause more manageable! I always wanted to be a dancer, and now I am learning to incorporate this into hooping...besides the the fact that it is totally addicting and FUN! I've had a hard time taking a day off, even with sore muscles. I know I will never stop Hooping!" - Tisa J. C.


"Hooping has given my whole family another activity that we love to do together. This includes my mom, my children, sister, niece, nephews, sis in law, my other half. Every time we get together the hoops are with us great bonding times." -Kimberly B.


"I found that I am good at something that consists of a physical activity. Not only has hooping given me the incentive to get up and out and move but I can't remember a time I have felt so sad when I don't get to be active. I found confidence in myself and a sense of self esteem that I thought had been lost somewhere along the years. I have always been a woman of Faith and I feel as though hooping has been a gift in my life. I have more Faith now and I am excited to watch others grow in their own journey as well." -Angela Tierno O.


"Since hooping everything has fallen into place for me." -Robyn H.


If you haven't already answered this question, please tell us now: how has hula hooping changed your life?

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