How to Hula Hoop: Five Words to Hoop By

Commandments of Hooping


A follower of ours on Tumblr recently asked us this question: How does one become a hooper? I know how to hoop pretty well, but how can I put myself into the kind of beautiful lifestyle? What sort of things do you do to get started?

This really got us a person "a hooper" simply because they know how to hula hoop or is there something extra, a mentality or a mantra, that one can follow or aspire to that allows you to truly embody "hooperdom"?


Here are our 'Five Commandments' for not only being a person inside a hula hoop, but for becoming the living embodiment of a hooper and a more fulfilled hooper at that! 

Adapted Text from Cynthia Narcisi  

I - Hoop with Integrity - Practice when you say you will. Be on time for lessons, performances, and your own practice sessions.


II - Hoop with Authenticity  - Ignore the inner voice that says “I’m not good at this” or “I can’t” or “I shouldn’t”. Be the awesome hooper you know you can be and give yourself over to the experience. Have the courage to exceed your own expectations rather than trying to meet the expectations of others.


III - Hoop with Responsibility - Own the joy you experience within your hoop. You choose this path and determine your own progress! Continue to grow your skills and maintain your enthusiasm for hooping. Fight against getting bored, tired or frustrated, this is very bad for you!


IV  - Hoop with Certainty  - Don’t feel threatened by other hoopers or jealous of their skills and don’t get caught up in one-upmanship or bravado. Feel confident in your own abilities and the special something you and only you can bring to hooping.


V - Hoop with Generosity - Hoop with the intention to enrich others as well as yourself. Share your knowledge and joy of hooping, don’t hoard it. Teaching others to hoop will make you a better hooper!

  Please start practicing that generosity right now by sharing these inspirational words with all of the hoopers in your life!

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