Meet Laura!

Some use hooping as a form of meditation, a spiritual, habitual practice.  Meet one of our Hoopnotica Ambassadors, Laura.



My name is Laura and I am an Ace Certified PersonalTrainer. I found Hoopnotica early in 2012, as I was looking for something fun and exciting for my clients in the Canejo Valley, CA to keep them fit. I never dreamed that I would be walking the streets and people would point me out and say, “I know you, you are the Hula hoop lady!” Especially because I was never able to hula hoop as a child!


Anyone can find themselves in the hoop. I have tought many clients how to hoop. Young and old. Big and small. They all have their own style. It is such a wonderful and unique fitness tool. There is nothing like a hoop. I have found my inner peace within the hoop. Everyday is a journey, but some days are more difficult than others.



Some people start their day off with that cup of coffee to get them going. I grab my Prayer Book and my favorite hoop. This is what centers me, calms me, and helps my journey as I approach the day ahead. So, I start my day off with the Jewish morning Prayer called, "The Modeh Ani" (which translates to 'I Thank G-d that I am alive'). In Judaism it is believed that when we fall asleep at night a piece of our soul goes up to heaven and every morning when we wake, it is returned to our body. The first prayer that we say is the Modeh Ani, a thank you. I am asked by others, 'Why do you do this while you hoop? What is the connection?'


I hoop and I pray, therefore I am. There is a connection between the body and the soul. I believe you can not work on improving just your body, or just your soul, because they are connected. Souls are returned to our bodies upon awakening, it is at that point where we are reconnected and become whole again.


I continue to hoop. I continue my morning prayers. Everyday.


You can learn more about my practices and news on my website. I'll also be posting here, on the Hoopnotica Blog regular updates about my hooping journey.


- Laura


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January 16, 2023

What a beautiful ritual to establish! I love this idea! Thank you for sharing :)

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