Hoop Tossing Tutorial Round Up


We found some AMAZING hoopers teaching you how to do tosses with your hoop! Here are nine of our favorite video tutorials to learn variations on tosses.


1. Learn to Hoop Dance - Hand Toss by GemGen101 Fantastic intro to the hand toss, using both beginner and advanced hoop sizes/weights. Watch it here!

2. Hula Hoop Tips | 4 Fun Hoop Throws by Deanne Love Several fun variations on tosses to try.  Great tips on transitioning to another trick. Watch it here!

3. Hoop Lesson : Tosses by Katie Emmitt Introduction to tosses, with a few more advanced variations at the end to try out once you've got the hang of a toss. Watch it here!

4. Pizza Toss Tutorial with Variations by Caroleeena Several different ways to perform a pizza toss. The wide angle view really helps you see the entire body's movements and how the hoop reacts. Watch it here!

5. Hoop Tutorial Pizza toss and double pizza toss by dogphish1 Pizza toss and variation involving more hoops. Great explanations. Watch it here!

6. Tiana's Infinity Toss Tutorial by Tiana Zoumer An under arm/behind the back toss that pops up over your shoulder that never ends! Watch it here!

7. Intermediate Hoop Tutorial : Behind the Back Tosses by Katie Emmitt Behind the back toss variations to transition from vertical to horizontal planes.  Or to begin or finish a mandala. Watch it here!

8. Hoop Dance Tutorial: Toss Catch Spin! with Jocelyn Gordon by xJaguar Mary Super fun tutorial full of smiles and giggles. Pizza toss to land inside of and transition into your flow. Watch it here!

9. Learn to Hoop Dance - Head Toss by GemGen101 A variation of a back roll with a cool toss using your head! Definitely an advanced move, but really cool to see in someone's performance. Watch it here!

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