Hooping Opens Doors

After an exciting week in London, we were finally ready to start the cycling portion of our journey. We loaded up our bikes and prepared for the 300 mile ride from London to Paris. 

I have the breakaway travel hoop that breaks into five pieces that I can strap onto the outside of my bike... it is perfect! It only takes a couple of seconds to put together so I can literally take it anywhere that I could bring a purse....the airport, sightseeing, hiking, shopping... you get the point :)

While traveling, we are on a pretty tight budget so we are using Couchsurfing.com & Warmshowers.org to save some money and meet cool people along the way. Our first night’s accommodations were set but we were still searching for a place to stay in Dover, England for our second night on the road. There were only a couple of people that we could message to stay with in this little town near the water. To my surprise we received this message... 


Already, my hoop was bringing us good luck and good fortune.

Join the journey at www.wandernauts.com

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