Amazing Hoop Tricks to Try At Home

hoop tricks

Hula hooping is a favorite childhood pastime for thousands of people. But, long gone are the days of simply spinning around and around in circles until your hips are sore and your ab muscles are strong. Now, people have pioneered countless hoop tricks that are breathtaking, fun, and easy enough to try at home! Read on to find out more!


Hula hooping usually takes place at the waistline, but not with this hoop trick! To begin, move your hoop down to your knee area. Move your knees in a similar motion to as what you would do with your hips, and be sure to keep the balls of your knees held close together!

Hopping Transfer

Start with your hula hoop on your waist as normal, but then start hopping up and down to work the hula hoop down to your knee area. This is a great one to try once you’ve tackled the knee knocker! For some tips, watch this video on YouTube.  

Double Trouble

This hoop trick requires two hula hoops, but it promises to be double the fun! It’s easiest to start with one hoop, but then add on the second once you get spinning. After some practice, you’ll be able to start with two right from the beginning! Eventually, you’ll be able to add in even more hoops. Some people report being able to use up to ten at a time!

Ring Around the Rosie

Throw your hula hoop around you next and start twisting! Simply use your neck like you would your waist, and use your arms to keep the hoop from falling down onto your chest. This one takes some coordination but is certain to keep onlookers interested in what you’re doing!

hoop tricks



Take a hoop in your right hand, and toss it on the ground in front of you. As you throw it, slightly flip your hand upwards so that the hoop will roll back to you once it hits the ground. This is definitely a cool trick! And, best of all, you can do it even if you have absolutely no hula hooping experience!

The Running Man

All you need for this hoop trick is some basic hooping skills and a little cardiovascular strength! Get spinning, and then take a lap! This truly is a two-in-one workout! You get the calorie burn of a run, with the strength training benefits of a hula hooping practice!

Ghost Isolations

For this hoop trick, you make it look like the hula hoop is floating in thin air! There are really no words to describe how awesome this hoop trick is, so you’ll just have to watch this tutorial video to find out how to pull it off!

After you master basic hooping techniques, it’s fun to hone your skills a bit more with some challenging tricks. With enough practice, you’ll be an old pro in no time at all! In fact, you could even make up your own trick and earn your way onto a list like this one some day!

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