Do Weighted Hula Hoops Improve Your Workout?


weighted hula hoops

When it comes to fitness, many people are looking for a “quick fix.” They’re likely to Google terms like “how to lose weight fast,” “quick diets,” or “easy ways to burn calories. As we now know from years of research, these hopeful dieters aren’t likely to have much luck on their question for a perfect weight loss solution.

However, science has come pretty close. With the use of a weighted hula hoop, you can achieve a workout that is just as intense as a private session with a personal trainer. Plus, it’s cheaper, faster, and can be done in the comfort of your own home!

Why Weighted Hula Hoops?

So, what is it that makes weighted hula hoops so great? According to the Mayo Clinic, weighted hula hoops intensify your cardio workout and help to further define and tone your core muscles. In just ten minutes of hula hooping, you can burn up to one hundred calories. This is comparable, and even superior to, other forms of aerobic exercise like running, swimming, or dancing.

What really makes hooping stand above other forms of exercise, though, is its ability to strengthen muscles while getting your heart pumping. Nearly all workouts provide some form of muscle toning, but the repeated movement that comes from using a hula hoop really encourages the muscles in your abs, legs, and chest to become supple and strong. 

By now, you might be wondering why you need a weighted hula hoop instead of a normal hula hoop. The acclaimed fitness site Livestrong has stated that the “push-pull contractions caused by using a weighted hula hoop are more intense than the push-pull contractions caused by using a normal hula hoop.”

weighted hula hoops

Low-impact and Cost Effective

Weighted hula hoops are ideal for those who have previously experienced overuse injuries or stress fractures, particularly in their feet and knees. Hula hooping is a low-impact activity. This means that your joints are not constantly being pounded against the ground while exercising. The only group of people who shouldn’t use hula hoops are those who have a serious history of back problems.

In addition, using a weighted hula hoop is much cheaper than joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer. Finally, you can get a quality workout without breaking the bank!

Portable and Easy to Use

Weighted hula hoops are portable and easy to use. They can easily travel with you if you have to make trips for work or school, and take up hardly any space. If you’re looking for a fast workout that can fit into your lifestyle, this is the way to go!

Weighted hula hoops are a safe, cost-effective way to get a quality workout in without having to leave your home or office. They’re far more effective than ordinary hula hoops, and provide a serious calorie burn without stressing out your joints. There are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss, but there are ways to make it easier and faster. So far, weighted hula hoops are the best option if you’re looking to get fit fast!

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