Take Your Workout Anywhere With A Travel Hoop

travel hoop

Keeping fit and trim while on the road can be challenging, especially for those who have oversized exercise equipment, heavy weights or other exercise tools that are too bulky to travel with you. This is one of the many benefits of travel hoops, the portable alternative to lugging around traditional exercise gear.

Why Is Exercise so Hard?

If you look at the top six reasons people are hesitant to exercise or stop these programs, whether they’re at home or on the road, the travel hoop can easily conquer all of these excuses:

  • Not enough time: Just 30 minutes of “hooping” can burn up to 230 calories!
  • Cost too high: Most travel hula packs are less than $50.
  • Bad weather: Hula hooping is an indoor or outdoor activity
  • No self-confidence: Fun and easy for all ages
  • Not interesting, same routine: There’s a lot more than circling your waist with hooping.
  • Not enough energy: You decide the intensity of your hula hoop routine
  • So now that we’ve moved past why not to participate in this hoopla, let’s look at the reasons we should play along and what Hoopnotica’s travel hoop kit has to offer:

    The “Quad Pack” includes a set of four DVD’s that show you unique exercises addressing different levels of workouts and various types of exercises. You can also get:

    • Six separable segments that can be combined for an adult size hoop of 42” in diameter or a smaller loop of 37-inches for a more petite circle
    • Two velcro straps to keep the segments together when traveling
    • A matching travel strap to take your kit almost anywhere, whether you carry it or throw it over your shoulder

    Indoors and Outdoors

    The many benefits of hula hooping can be experienced both indoors and outside. You can take your travel hoop kit with you practically anywhere you go: to the beach, your local gym or out of town. You can stay in your hotel room and hoop while watching TV or listening to music. It’s so portable and discreet; it’s welcome on public transportation, taxis, commercial airlines and with the carrying strap, you can take it with you on your bicycle or motorcycle.

    Fits Into Your Schedule

    Let’s say you want to work out before or after you meet someone for lunch, see a local sight, participate in a meeting, whatever your travel schedule entails, bring along your travel hoop. Rather than having to return back to where you’re staying to grab your gear, you’ve got it right with you ready to go at a moment’s notice.

    travel hoop

    Lighter Luggage

    All six segments weighs in at a mere 1½ pounds and easily fits into most standard size suitcase or travel bag. Unlike other sports and exercise programs, you won’t have to pack extra workout clothing, special shoes, safety equipment or other accessories, just your hoop and straps.

    Lost, Damaged or Missing Link?

    One thing that many seasoned travelers are accustomed to is missing or damaged luggage, but when it comes to the travel hoop, you needn’t worry. If a link is lost, stolen or damaged, you can purchase a single part for just $9.95 (plus shipping).

    There’s no reason you shouldn’t be hooping while you’re on the road, whether traveling for business or pleasure. You can squeeze in a fun, calorie-burning workout with your portable travel hoop even when you’re away from home!

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